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Beja needs


Energy! NOW!

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Hi and hello, goodhearts, curious people and freaks, which I still do not know at all! Good thing you have passed! We need your help! Urgently! Fast!

And do not worry, it will not cost you a cent. No one of us (we're the g-cooks, that's cooks, but we'll tell you about them another time) will ever have been looking for your money or trying to get you something or something; There is no such thing with us!

But since today we have no time for great explanations and one of us is really seriously ill, in a very very - very serious and life - threatening way, we simply ask you to simply trust and help. Thank you!

If I were here before you, I would really kneel down and kneel with: "Please - please!" Ask for your support honestly! - So bad and so urgent is it!

What should I do? Her very here in the picture a gorgeous young woman. This is my wife Beja. She is seriously ill and is permanently treated with a school medicine. This includes operations, and so on and so forth.

However, Beja needs not only the medical treatment of conventional doctors, but, as it were, "subtle" infusions. Beja needs of the energy, which everyone has a lot of healthy man excess. It is about two hands wide below the navel in front of the physical body where you can retrieve it.

From these different forms of energy, which we have there, it needs a very definite one, which can be recognized most easily by its color. It is the Background- color of this Site. One calls the color "Crimson".

The numbers you can use to see them on any normal computer are as follows:


H 54

S 10C

V 51

R 75

G 0

B 130

Brightness 130

G 68

If you have internalized the color, you only need to look at Beja's image, and with the intention of simply letting go of the good intention of your good heart, the part of this indigo energy that you and your energy system does not need To send to Beja.

The universal energy, the life energy of being, knows exactly what to do and will carry out the energy transfer without time loss.

You yourself will feel that a very comfortable and pleasant feeling comes over you, because being as a whole, every tiny piece of life is a witness of your good deed and tells you "thank you".

In the beginning you should not do more than nine breaths behind each other. With the exhalation her Beja sends the healing and regenerating energy.

If you want, write to us about your experiences with the loving gift of surplus energy at

Thank you, all ya good hearts!

Peter, the worldwide one and only non - profit - initiative for private exchange of Finely energetic energy of life, needs YOU!
This is Beja, my beautiful wife.

She is the very best that can happen to a total freak like me.

Now she carrries out this killer - job more than 26 years. Respect!

I love you, Babe!